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Should I go to college or start working?

College isn’t for everyone.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with going to college and earning a four-year degree.  In some cases, that is the road you need to travel to land the job you want.  However, if college isn’t something you’re interested in, don’t be fooled into thinking that you can’t make a good living unless you go to college.  If you like working with your hands, then you can start earning money in the construction field and not have to go into debt for a college education.  The average cost of just one year of college ranges from $9,300 all the way up to a staggering $35,800.  A very good alternative is to begin working in a trade where you can earn money instead of spending it.  Here at Hayes Construction, we are always looking for young people to join our team and we want to help develop your skills.  We can help you regardless of your current abilities.  Start out as a Helper and work your way up to Carpenter and even Carpenter Foreman.  Your earning potential really depends on how hard you’re willing to work and how much you want to learn!  Contact us at 410-628-7900 or stop by our office just north of Timonium to fill out an application.

Published on: 11/20/2023 15:21

Commercial Contractor with Extensive Experience

Hayes Construction Company is a major provider of commercial and industrial services in the Baltimore metropolitan area.  We have a wide range of experience in the areas of business, industry, government, education, bioscience, medical, and much more.  In 59 years of performing projects some of the various types include: laboratory renovations, glass and aluminum storefront windows and doors, classroom renovations, office renovations, hallway fire doors, painting, electrical, bathroom renovations, HVAC, dining hall renovations, dormitory renovations, landscaping, parking lot construction, concrete sidewalks, lighting renovations, ceilings, curb and gutter work, clean rooms, and more.  We work on both contract and time and material basis with local universities, county and state governments, insurance carriers, government contractors, and various religious organizations. 

Hayes Construction Company employs a full-time field force comprised of construction superintendents, journeymen carpenters, and carpenter helpers.  These experienced craftsmen are clean cut, wear uniforms, and are extremely professional.  We are committed to achieving excellence and do so by utilizing a rigid safety program, as well as continuing education to remain current with new techniques, product knowledge, and trends within the industry.  Our project management staff has more than two hundred years of combined experience in the construction industry.  In 59 years of completing projects, Hayes Construction Company has never failed to complete a project (bonded or otherwise) and has an extensive list of satisfied customers that have continued to utilize our services year after year, both in commercial and residential construction.

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Historic Tudor House Renovation

Hayes Construction Company recently renovated the exterior of this historic Tudor House in Catonsville. Robert Cary Long, Jr., a well-known Baltimore architect, designed the original Tudor House in 1852. In 1917, architect Edward Palmer updated the home and added a second floor. The skilled craftsmen of Hayes Construction updated the tudor-style trim, painted the building, and gave it needed touchup after many years of weather-related effects. This historical renovation shows the wide-ranging skills and abilities of the carpenters and foremen of Hayes Construction Company. No matter how detailed, intricate or specialized your job is, the crew at Hayes Construction Company is capable of handling all the specifications.

Published on: 5/2/2023 00:00

Commercial Construction at Local University

A local Maryland university suffered major water damage in an entire classroom and lab building.  Hayes Construction Company immediately jumped in with demolition and put back. All five floors of the building were affected, and the job required new drywall, ceiling tiles, painting, and much more. At the same university, we are in the middle of a renovation to several offices and classrooms. We have decades of experience with commercial construction in educational and university settings.  We can work on campus during normal business hours or after hours, if necessary.  If you have commercial construction needs, we are here for you.  We are based in Baltimore County and serve the entire Baltimore metropolitan region. Please contact us at info@hayesconstruction.net or call our office at 410-628-7900.

Published on: 5/1/2023 15:20

Let Us Make Sense of the Mess

No matter how the damage happened or how extensive it is, we can help you put things back together swiftly and efficiently.  In our nearly 60 years in business, we have worked with many insurance companies and hundreds of customers to help get their homes back to normal as quickly as possible.  Some of the causes of damage we have worked on include fallen trees, water leaks, sewage backups, vandalism, wind and fire damage, and more.  Whether your roof has extensive damage due to a storm or you are experiencing water damage due to a broken pipe or a rain event, we are ready and able to make an inconvenient process as enjoyable as it can be.  Your home will be new again before you know it!

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Give Us a Call, We Do It All

Hayes Construction Company began as a residential remodeler in 1964.  We have thousands of satisfied residential customers because we take great pride in quality craftsmanship that is delivered on time and on budget.  The commitments we make to our customers, from the beginning of our interaction with you all the way through job completion and even backing our work, are commitments that we take very seriously.  Your satisfaction in our craftsmanship is priority one!  Traditional values, hard work, and integrity are principles that began with our founder, Christian Hayes, and continue with his son, William Hayes, the current President, and CEO of Hayes Construction Company. 

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